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There is an undeniable appetite for new content.  Binge viewers demand and visionaries and tech-savvy entrepreneurs bring in a fresh development daily.  Independent TV and film producers are central to this creative revolution and we are here to help navigate the legal aspects from start to finish. Book Now for an Initial Consultation!

Our goal is to protect producers and their TV series or film projects.  We help throughout the production process:

  1. Setting up the Production Company
  2. Development: Creating, Acquiring and Monitoring Film and TV series Property
  3. Pre-Production: Production Services Agreements, Product Placement, Hiring Cast and Crew
  4. Production: Releases, Copyrights & Trademarks On Set
  5. Post-Production: Hiring Artists and Technicians, Licensing Agreements, Credits and Copyright Notices


Legal Services:

  • Management or Agent Agreements
  • Music Services Agreements
  • Music Video Production Contract
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Music Production Agreements
  • Collaboration Contracts
  • Publishing Contracts
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Record deal
  • Work for Hire Agreements
  • Artist Performance Agreement
  • Performance Royalty Organization Registration
  • Royalty Administration
  • Band Member Agreements



We also assist performing artists, radio or other entertainment companies offering events or services. 

Typical production contracts may include:

  • Producer Services Agreements
  • Co-Production Agreements
  • Director Services Agreement
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Literary Purchase Agreements
  • Option Agreements
  • SAG-AFTRA Agreements
  • DGA Agreements
  • WGA Agreements
  • Depiction Releases
  • Clearances
  • Location, Crowd and Product Releases
  • Composer and Music Supervisor contracts
  • Casting Director Employment Agreement (Independent Contractor)
  • Makeup & Special Effects Agreement
  • Location Agreement
  • Talent Deals for Actors, Writers, Producers or Directors
  • Crew Deal Memo
  • Life-Story Rights’ Agreements
  • Web-episodes, pilots and treatment development deals
  • Non-Union, Shot and Documentary Films
  • Music video projects
  • Broadcast & Cable Network Television Deals
  • Cinematographer, Composer, and Screenwriting Services Agreements.
  • Product Placement Agreement
  • Merchandising Agreement